I want to have a voice in the decision making for our community. I want to ensure that everything possible is done for all of us in Lower Sackville.

Our neighbours are struggling.

They are struggling financially, with their health and with no affordable housing. The average working person, working family and senior citizen cannot afford a nice apartment or a house.


Did you know that as I write this, some of our people are living outside in the woods, in the parks?


I volunteer at the Sackville Area Warming Centre. I have seen the numbers of people who do not have a home coming in from the cold in the winter. Shelters are important, but not the answer.

Beacon House, an amazing organization, right here in Lower Sackville is the largest food bank in Nova Scotia. A wonderful service, but a true statement of the need in our community.

Consideration must be given to to how everyday decisions regarding every aspect of HRM operational policy affects our environment and our people. We have wonderful parks and walking trails. Great recreation facilities. I often see people walking and running on my way home along First Lake and in Sackville Lakes Provincial Park. We need to do everything we can to preserve and maintain our green areas for us and the generations to come.

What do we need in Lower Sackville?

1. Jobs
We need to attract business, industry to our area. Good paying jobs with benefits. We do not need companies who come in with big promises, pay minimum wage and no benefits then close up shop when the wage subsidies have ended. Serious companies who are interested in the people of the community and who know that the security of their workers will enhance the growth of the company.


2. Housing
Housing is essential. Have you tried to find an apartment in Lower Sackville lately? I wouldn't be able to afford the rent. I am very grateful I own my home, and live in a fantastic neighbourhood here. We need to work together with all levels of government to create solutions to build housing that everyone can afford. I understand developers need to make a profit. As a business owner, I do not begrudge businesses their profits. It is government's duty to help find secure, clean, well maintained housing for our most vulnerable neighbours, and for those who are more than willing to pay their own way, if only there was anything they could afford.


3. Safe pedestrian walkways
Sackville Drive is like the Indy 500 raceway most days. Although Metro Transit is providing a great service, people still need to walk. I cringe sometimes when I am stopped at a light, and see pedestrians trying to navigate the crosswalks at busy intersections. I know there are plans for safer walkways. We need to make that happen sooner!

Crosswalks, infrastructure, water and sewer, garbage collection, policing, fire service, municipal workers, we are a big municipality. Our annual budget is around 900 million dollars! 


What are my Values?

I want to see decisions and policy that are anti racist, involve green clean energy solutions, work toward eliminating poverty, create jobs, enhance mental health support, create housing for all, and that are clearly on the side of our people. Those are my values. A tall order? Absolutely!

I often hear that all of my values are not the responsibility of municipal government. That I need to stick to streets, garbage and water. I respond, and who is it that is using the streets, garbage and water? Us!! The people of Lower Sackville, and our fellow neighbours in our entire Halifax Regional Municipality.  We need to feel comfortable that our elected officials in all levels of government are there for us, and are concerned for our well being.

I really do care about all of you. I want to see everyone do well. When we are doing well, the community does well.  I am an experienced public servant advocating for safe city infrastructure, enjoyable recreation, social inclusion, equity, and ensuring every person's basic needs.


Lower Sackville is located in Mi'kma'ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq people. We are all Treaty people.